Dreaming of the moment when you can do everything quickly… simply because it will be automatic?

SLNG’s automation system is user-friendly and simple to operate. The tool will save you a lot of time wasted on manual operations in communication with customers.

Nor is there any need for prior experience. Start working fast – today!


Automatic Message

Save on work time and leave a good and professional impression on customers.

The automation ensures that no message will fall between the chairs, and the first impression will be always excellent. A series of personal and scheduled emails / SMSs will ensure that you do not lose contact with customers both existing and potential.

You define the content of the automatic message, the timing of the message in a predefined event, such as: a new recipient being registered in the system, the recipient who clicked on a link and more.

Transactional Messages

A transactional message is an email or SMS message that contains operational content and is usually sent in response to an action performed by the recipient.

A “forgot password” message, a product order confirmation, or a reminder for a technician to arrive are popular examples of such messages.

The importance of the message for those recipients is high and hence the opening and response percentages are several times higher than with marketing messages such as a newsletter.