Our story

SLNG is a smart and advanced mailing and SMS software enterprise based in Israel, operating worldwide who is suitable for any organization looking for a way to keep in touch and convey messages.

The SLNG mailing and SMS system are operated and developed by N.G Shlomo Levy Ltd.

Our company has been operating in the field for over 12 years and provides services to thousands of organizations and companies in the Israeli economy and worldwide.

SLNG has founded on the principle that direct and marketing communication is the best and most effective way to strengthen the relationship and create a relationship that every organization is interested in having with its target audience. We genuinely believe that a customer relationship is a key to business success – which is why we are here to help you communicate and market easily, efficiently, and professionally. The system includes a large number of tools that make it possible to streamline business activities and generate communication between the business and its target audience. The various tools include, among others: e-mailing and SMS messaging for bulk, landing pages, surveys and registration forms, marketing automation, and API interface. The system is easy and simple to operate and accessible from anywhere. The system has high penalties and cooperates with various ISPs to prevent blockages and spam. Our customer list continues to grow and includes brands and large companies in various fields in the economy, including media, journalism, tourism, communications, finance, software, commerce, and more.

The values that guide us:

1. High service – the intention is to focus on the customer’s current and future desires and needs. The relationship with the company’s customers begins at the transaction stage where our representatives understand what is important to the customer, what his needs are, and according to

The above suit him for the effective and appropriate mailing package for him and his business.

However, the relationship with the customer does not end at the transaction stage, but he continues to provide service and support throughout the service period.

2. Reliability – a reliable product and company that can be trusted – are basic principles in the existence of a company and in contact with customers.

3. Advanced innovation – we respond quickly to innovation in the digital market and customer requirements, both at the level of decision-making and execution. All this is thanks to the motivation and dedication of the company’s employees.