Definitely, not. The system works like a user-friendly and simple-to-operate website. Using username and password you log in to it, from any computer, and start working. Feel free to log in and try it (for free), and realize how simple it is!

No, the system includes a simple and friendly user interface in Hebrew supporting videos and a dedicated and available support team.

Direct mail is a marketing tool and the most effective way for an organization to keep in touch with its customers. Direct mail allows a business to promote products and services, and update its customers with new information or promotions. It is important to emphasize that the intention is not to spread “spam”, but to legitimate communication with a customer and subject to his consent. Direct mailing is done in the SLNG system by e-mail (electronic mail) and by text messages (SMS messages

Mailing and sending SMS through the SLNG system enables the dissemination of information to a large number of existing and potential customers, and at a relatively low cost. It allows the marketing manager to expose his customers to the message – without active action on the part of the customer (unlike other media that require active actions).

It also allows easy and convenient tracking of the messages sent, and the response of customers to them. Thanks to the mailing and SMS campaign, the business can accumulate a huge pool of customers who want to keep in touch with it. It is even “greener” – i.e. saves paper use.

Business customers can use the system for public relations, information leaflets (newsletters), product catalogs, quotes, promotions, letters, and more.

Private customers can use the system to distribute event invitations, arrival confirmations, regular updates, and more.

All is well, it is permitted by the provisions of the law to send mail to recipients who have expressly agreed to this when joining your mailing list. However, the law requires recipients to revoke their consent at any time, and therefore, all messages sent by the SLNG system allow the recipient to request its removal from the mailing list. The details of a recipient who requested his removal are transferred directly to the “removed” list, and thus the system acknowledges that no messages will be sent to him, even if his details are accidentally entered again into one of the lists.

In principle, it is possible. The SLNG system has an advanced API that allows the integration between the customer’s system and the SLNG system.

There is no limit to the number of contacts in the mailing list (group) to which mailings can be sent, and it is also possible to send to several mailing lists simultaneously.

Similarly, there is no limit to the number of groups, which you can segment and classify according to the needs and characteristics of your business.

Of course. Each recipient can be assigned to an unlimited number of groups. It is also important to know that the system ensures that a recipient who belongs to more than one group will not receive the same message twice!

There are several options for importing contacts into the SLNG system:

  1. Copy/paste from an Excel file – the most convenient option. Suitable for importing up to 15,000 contacts at the time of sending the message.
  2. Import recipients – Import an Excel / CSV file.
  3. Manual Recipient Addition – Menu – “Recipients” >> “Add Recipient” – This option is recommended when there is no large amount of contacts.

After “importing the recipients”, go to the “import queue” >> “import archive” and there you can get a detailed report of the contacts that will be imported into the system, and the contacts that will not be imported, and why. Thus, the reasons can be: “Duplication of incorrect cellular/e-mail, cellular/address number”.

Yes, as well as the additional data: whether they opened it, whether they clicked on the links that appeared in it, and the information about those who did not receive the message. The system indicates the origins: whether it was an incorrect email address, or mobile phone number, or a temporary problem. All of the above information can be seen in the “Reports” menu. The reports are updated in real-time, while each message has its specific reports and statistics.

Yes, sure. This mechanism is added to each mailing automatically and can be seen at the bottom of any mail sent through the system.

SMS messages have a remove link that the user may decide to add to the message.

The user can also manually remove the recipient from the mailing list by going to “Recipients” >> Selecting the recipient >> Selecting “Remove from the list”.

This mechanism exists to allow the contact complete freedom of choice, whether or not to receive marketing content from a particular company. Support for this mechanism is enshrined in the Spam Law and is binding on anyone who carries out advertising mailings. The system also maintains accurate records of registration and removal of contacts.

Certainly. After editing the mailing / SMS, in the last screen “Set sending time”, you can select the option – Send on XXX and at XXX and set the desired time for sending.

It is also possible to schedule the message according to the set date for each specific recipient, such as – date of birth, the insurance expiration date, and more.

Definitely, and very easy: the SLNG’s advanced mailing formats offer a variety of image placement and size options that you can upload from your repositories. The templates also allow for the integration of links and their appearance aesthetically and cleanly in the newsletter.

In SMS messages you can attach files and photos – when the system turns the attachment into a link in the body of the message.

Certainly. With e-mails, the recipient receives the e-mail when your name appears as the sender, and all templates allow you to add a personal request at the beginning of the e-mail.

With SMS messages, you can choose from which sender number to send the message or even enter letters (in English) as the sender`s name.

You can also enter additional personal data such as date of birth, children’s names, and birthdays, and use the system to automatically send greetings or other personal references. Everything is to allow you to give your customer a feeling that he is unique and special…

There are 3 options for receiving a response to an SMS message:

1. Set the mobile number as the “sender`s number” in the SMS message.
In this way, the contacts will be able to respond to the mobile number that appears in the message.

2. Send an SMS with a link to a landing page bearing a registration form.
You can design a landing page in the system, with a registration form to fill in details. The contacts will click on the link that appears in the SMS message and fill out the form.

The information updated in the form can be seen in your account in the system.

3. Use a virtual number * connected to your SLNG system account. The recurring messages can be seen in the system account and the issuance of a detailed Excel report.

* This option involves a monthly payment of renting a virtual number.

The Ministry of Communications decided a few months ago on a new regulation regarding the identification of numerical senders in SMS messages.

  1. If you are sending with a sender`s name (text in English) – there is no need to verify.
  2. If you are sending with a numeric sender`s number (which is not a virtual SLNG number)- a one-time verification must be performed for the relevant number when a code will be sent to that number which you will enter in the appropriate field and the verification process will be completed.

There is a “forgot password?” button on the login screen. Passwords can be recovered through it, using the account’s e-mail address.

On the home page of your account on the left side of the screen – under the heading “Your account” there are listed details concerning your account plan and the balance of your mailings and/or SMS that have been left.

Definitely, not! As long as you have purchased a mailing bank or SMS bank, the messages are yours with no time restrictions.

Feel free to contact us by email, through the contact form on the website, or by phone at 077-4405268, and we will be happy to respond!