Add files and photos

Would you like to add a file (pdf / word / excel) to the SMS you send? Would you like to add a picture to the SMS you send? All this is possible! You can add files to SMS messages simply and easily.

The attached file will become a link and will join the text in the body of the message.

Photo Editing + GIFs

An advanced photo editor with which you can design an image independently and simply.

Add a background, frame, caption to your image, change its style (vintage, black and white, etc.), resize the image, and more.

GIF file – is a visual element that looks like an image and acts as a video. You can create a GIF file by selecting your images, scheduling the image exchange rate, setting the image size, and more.

Add the photos you designed and created to the text message you made.

Virtual number

Want to send an SMS and get a reply from your recipients? Want to receive leads from your recipients via SMS message? Want to survey the recipients by sending SMS messages? You can do all this using a virtual number connected to your user account in the system so that all the recurring messages arrive directly in your account. Very effective tool in establishing two-way contact with your customers.


You have the option to give your recipients the feeling that the text message was sent especially for them. This is done by using the personalization tool. This tool allows you to add personal fields in the body of the message, for example – you can add the recipient’s name or any other personal detail relevant to that recipient. The personalization tool makes SMS a personal and direct marketing tool.

Message Scheduling

Timing of messages is a very important part of an advertising campaign or in direct contact with customers. You have the option to schedule your text messages according to a specific date you set, such as “birthday”, “insurance expiration date”, “registration date” or any other date you choose, as well as the time the message will be sent.

Managing mailing lists and contacts

SLNG is a system for managing contacts and groups, which allows you to create smart digital marketing that includes importing contacts (by Excel file or copy-paste) and dividing them into groups according to different categories, updating contacts and groups, assigning contacts to new groups, and more. All of these will allow you to work less and achieve more. Use the registration forms and landing pages and other means to get detailed, personal, and relevant information about your contacts, and then use smart elements such as personalization (mailing) by mail / SMS – to significantly upgrade your marketing and sales.

SMS international

Do you have customers abroad? Would you like to keep in touch with them? And send them SMS messages? The SLNG system sends SMS messages to over 200 destinations around the world, all in the same way as sending messages in Israel. This service allows you to maintain continuous contact with your customers who are abroad and/or expand your business and develop new international connections.

Mail to SMS

A special and unique service that exists in the SLNG mailing system and which can convert an electronic mail (email) message to an SMS message and all this in a very simple way. This service is especially suitable for businesses whose e-mail is a very important tool and who want to send SMS messages to their customers via email.